Erasmus Student Network Potsdam e.V.

ESN Potsdam e.V. is a non-profit incorporated association at the University of Potsdam whose function it is  to improve the integration of international students and cultivate tolerance in Potsdam and the region around it. At the same time we would like to help new international students to start their life here in Germany and we bring foreign and German students together. This way we want to encourage everybody to go abroad and make this amazing experiences himself! To do this we organize a vaste cultural programme every semester with theather events and opera concerts, sport activities and parties. Our events are open for all German and non-German students.

The members of ESN Potsdam are students of all study courses who work voluntarily for our goals. We are all unified in the wish to make and present Potsdam as a friendly, world open and interesting town!

ESN Potsdam was founded in November 2000 as a LEI, a local ERASMUS initiative. At the moment we have about 20 active members and cooperate with other university institutes such as the AAA or the AStA and we support students' organizations as the NIL, PubàlaPub or KuZe. This allows us to help each other while working for our vision, mission and values (read more here).

We would be happy if you support us during your online shopping. Boost donates money to ESN Potsdam when shopping at one of their partners (amazon to Zooplus):