History of ESN Potsdam

On this website you find a brief history of ESN Potsdam: Founded at the beginning of the new millennium, our section has developed to an active group. We are an international and national established part of the ERASMUS Student Network. Voluntary students of the universities in Berlin and Potsdam work ceaselessly for a better integration of our international guest. More than 50 very motivated members of ESN Potsdam have worked for the mission, vision and values of the biggest international students' association in Europe. And it is their history which we would like to present here.



The Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) Potsdam was founded by Erasmus homecomers as a non-profit organization at the University of Potsdam. Since then we offer a wide variety of events every semester. Potsdam and Berlin are full of history so we make sure that the German history (Drittes Reich / GDR) is an integral part of our cultural program. Due to afford of the former boards and volunteers we have becomes a vital part of the university landscape in Potsdam. We organize events on a regular basis like:

  • City tours in Berlin und Potsdam,
  • Guide tours to the former concentration camp Sachenhausen, the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) archive or the Stasi prison
  • Day or weekend-trips
  • Theater; opera; concert
  • Sport events
  • Parties


President: Christian Matthes

Vice president: Michaela Lohmann

Treasurer: Richard Müller


President: Verena Plessing

Vice president: Jan Philipp Zwiezynski

Treasurer: Sumi Vankam


President: Mona Bodnarescú

Vice president: Paul-Georg Friedrich

Treasurer: Tanja Schulz


President: Pierre Wilhelm

Vice president: Sándor Kaufmann

Treasurer: Tanja Schulz


 President: Pierre Wilhelm

Vice president: Claudia Richter

Treasurer: Peter Schmidt


President: Pierre Wilhelm

Vice president: Jana Fugmann

Treasurer: Peter Schmidt


Board 2008

President: Nora Winter

Vice president: Kristina Belling

Treasurer: Esther Williges


We joined the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Since then we participate on local (LP- Local Platforms), national (NP - National Platforms) and international (AGM - Annual General Meeting, WEP - Western European Platform, CND - Council of National Delegates) platforms on a regular basis. We also created a new logo to show our membership in the same association as 11.000 other volunteers all over Europe.


President: Friederike Herold

Vice president: Jonas Rogge

Treasurer: Linn Heiduk


ESN Potsdam organizes the local platform (East Germany) in Potsdam for 14 participants for the first time.


We establish our first social media performance on facebook. From now on you can follow us on facebook.


From 4th - 6th of December the first „ESNters the City“ took place in Berlin. It is the biggest national biannual event in Germany. It is organized by ESN Germany in cooperation with a local section - starting with ESN Potsdam. More than 700 Erasmus students entered the city and had a great time exploring Berlin with ESN. The goal of “ESNters the City” is to connect students from all corners of Europe and to foster the intercultural exchange.


President: Linn Heiduk

Vice president: Stefanie Urban

Treasurer: Jana Schulze

Additionally we have two ESN Potsdam members in the National Board of Germany:

Jonas Rogge (President)

Friederike Herold (PR Coordinator)


ESN Potsdam organizes for the second time the local platform (East Germany) in Potsdam.


We celebrate the 10th anniversary of ESN Potsdam, former LEI.


President: Rebecca Uhlich

Vice president: Daniel Schübel (until June), then Anna Wolter

Treasurer: Daniel Birk

And we developed a new logo - according the Visual Identity of the ERASMUS Student Network.


After a year of hard work ESN Potsdam becomes an incorporated association in Potsdam.


Two years after the start in the German capital “ESNters the City” returns to Berlin from the 2nd - 4th of December. As Patron we could win the mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit. This time „ESNters the City“ is a cooperation between ESN Germany, ESN Potsdam and Interstudis e.V. from Frankfurt/Oder. In total 21 German ESN sections with 822 Erasmus students and members from ESN Alumni Deutschland e.V. entered the city again. All together we had over 2.000 guests joining our parties this weekend.


President: Stefan Huber

Vice president: Anna Wolter

Treasurer: Daniel Birk


ESN Potsdam is the first section in the network to launch an iPhone App. It is available free of charge at the iPhone App store. In it you can find all important information's about us: our events (and you can save them directly in your calendar), our office hours and you can get connected with facebook and learn all about the ESNCard.


ESN Potsdam organizes for the third time the Local Platform (East Germany) in Potsdam. This time we welcomed 17 participants.



President: Stefan Huber

Vice president: Anna Wolter / Franziska Konschak

Treasurer: Daniel Birk

Nadine Häusler, our Local Representative, has become a member of the National Board of Germany and is now the National Representative (NR).


Nominated to the Potsdam award for voluntary work "Engagiert für die ganze Stadt"


Initiated by Nadine ESN Potsdam was nominated as first German ESN Sektion as "Section in the Spotlight" of ESN International. We were also presented in the eXpress magazin.



President: Patrick Hehn

Vice president: Susan Platzdasch until March Franziska Konschak

Treasurer: Jörg Kapelle

ESN Potsdam organizes the National Platform with 61 guests. Get an impression of the event here.


ESN Potsdam organized the Local Platform (East Germany) for the fourth time in Potsdam. This time we welcomed 15 participants.



President: Kathrin Osten

Vice president: Christine Roth

Treasurer: Jörg Kapelle

We also changed our Logo according the Visual Identity of the ERASMUS Student Network.


We celebrate the 15th anniversary of ESN Potsdam, former LEI



President: Andreas Vortisch

Vice president: Kariem Soliman

Treasurer: Jörg Kapelle




President: Frieda Remus

Vice President: Jannika Radloff

Treasurer: Jörg Kapelle

Assessors: Astrid Gilein, Christian Kröll

ESN Potsdam organizes the National Platform for a second time.



President: Sabrina Wolf

Vice President: Jannika Radloff

Treasurer: Jörg Kapelle