Studying in Potsdam

University of Potsdam

The university is divided into three parts all over the town. Depending on your study course you have to be at one or several campus:

  • complex I at Neues Palais: primarily sports and humanities, philosophy, culture studies, media studies etc.
  • complex II in Golm: scienes and human sciences like biology, physics, mathematics, linguistiv, psychology etc.
  • complex III in Griebnitzsee and Babelsberg: primarily economics and social sciences, law, politics, sociology, national economy, IT etc.

Find the maps and how to get to the complexes here:

The Semesters

The academic year at the university of Potsdam contains two semesters: the winter term (WiSe) starts at the 1st of October and ends 31st of March. The summer term (SoSe) lasts from 1st of April to 31st of September. The time of courses takes only 10 weeks. The rest of the time (February/ March and July/ August) is called course-free time/ vacation. During that period there are no courses, but exames, placements and the possibilty to write your essays.

Courses, seminars and lectures

You find an up-to-date overview of all courses at the first website of the university of Potsdam here: The registration is mostly done via PULS - the online registration system. The password is your email account password and you find the log in here: