Living in Potsdam



There are MANY possibilities to do all kind of sports here. For students best fit is probably Hochschulsport. The university of Potsdam as well as the three Berlin Universities offer various sports courses dureing the semester and in the holidays. Attention! Book early!

Internet Access

Immediatly after your arrival you would like to tell everybody that you arrived well (or not, if you had troubles with the Deutsche Bahn) or that you succesfully did your first steps in Germany. For that, you can use the internet in the university:

  • all public libraries offer computers with internet access (no password necessary, for free)

  • you can use the wireless LAN on the whole campus with your Uni-Potsdam-email-access, how to install the access? See:

Of course, there are other possibilities, too:

  • there are Internetcafés in Potsdam where you can use computers for the Internet, printing or scanning: (all with costs)

  • many public cafés (like Starbucks) offer free internet access for their costumers, ask the waiters

  • also public libraries offer free internet access, for the libraries see: (Potsdam) or here: (Berlin)

The Rundfunkbeitrag (formely know as GEZ)

The Rundfunkbeitrag is a licend fee for the public radio and TV- programms. These are e.g. ARD, ZDF or Deutschlandradio. These channels have special offers like movies without advertisment or a copy of their programms online. Whether you live on your own, in a shared flat or in a student hall - the licence fee 17,50 Euro is only paid once per residence. For more information you can find here.

Important to know: You are not obliged to let workers of the GEZ in your appartement! They have to trust the information given by you.


Since it is not always easy to come home in Potsdam by night, you can call a taxi calling 0331 29 29 29 . Anywhere else in Germany, call 22 11 8.

Waste Separation

It is usual in Germany to seperate the waste. All rubbish products with this sign [see image] have to be disposed in the yellow container or something similiar. Paper, glass (green, white and brown seperatly) and biological waste have to be placed into the right dustbin, too.

Holidays and Vacations

After every semester we have vacation in Potsdam. In that time there are no courses but tests and pracitcal periods are possible (or obliged). The vacations usually are between february and april or july and october. The christmas holiday begins after christmas and ends at the beginning of january. For the exact dates, see:

There are some official holidays in Brandenburg, these are:

 03.10.: Reunification of German/ National Holiday

31.10.: Reformation Day

25.12. und 26.12.: Christmas

01.05.: Holiday of May/ Holiday of the Work

Since there are other holidays with various dates, see, too

Local Traffic

In Potsdam there are busses, trams and regional trains. Especially Golm is easy to reach by the regional train RB 21 (from Griebnitzsee to Wustermark). To go to Berlin you have to take the S-Bahn or the regional train RE 1. The regional train goes from Potsdam Central Station to Berlin Central Station every 30 minutes between 4:51 (next train at 5:22) and 0:52 (weekends at 1:52). Back to Potsdam you can take the RE 1 (every 30 minutes, too) from Berlin Central Station between 4:43 (Monday to Friday) or 5:17 to 0:43 (or weekends 1:43 and 2:43).

All information about the local traffic in Potsdam and Brandenburg see:

The underground and S-Bahn information for Berlin:

Post Offices

There are many post offices and post boxes in Potsdam. Here you find some of them:

  • post office "Am Kanal "
    • adress: 16 - 18 14467 Potsdam
    • opening hours: mo-fr 9-18h, sa 9-13h
  • post office "Karl-Liebknecht-Str. "
    • adress: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 138, 14482 Potsdam
    • opening hours: mo-fr 9-18h, sa 9-12h
  • post office "Zeppelinstraße "
    • adress: Zeppelinstr. 136, 14471 Potsdam
    • opening hours: mo-fr 9-13h and 14-18h, sa 9-12h

Important telephone numbers

  • general information: 11 8 33 or 11 88 0
  • police: 110
  • fire/ doctors: 112

Nightline Potsdam is a phoneservice provided by students for students

Problems at University? Relationship ended? Feeling lonely? Wether you have questions and don't know who can help you out or just need someone to talk to- anyone can call the Nightline anonomously and talk about their fears and problems in confidence. You can reach them every Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 9pm to Midnight by calling: 0331/9771834  or by using the Skype-Callbutton on the homepage. Please be aware the a conversation in English can´t be guaranteed.

Legal advice for international (non-)students

Asta Potsdam and "Kub Berlin" (Contact and Consultation Center for Refugees and Migrants) offer counseling sessions every Wednesday 5-8 pm at the Kuze Potsdam (Hermann-Elflein-Straße 10). Counseling is open to all foreign students, EU and non-EU citizens, and non-students. The support covers anything from foreigner law, residence permits and asylum law to social welfare (ALG I and ALG II) and general dealings with the German administration.

Alcohol and drugs

In Germany you may consume drink with low alcohol from the age of 16. From the age of 18 you can drink all alcohol drinks. Car drivers whose driving license is younger than 3 year may not drink any alcohol. For longer lasting driving license the driver may have 0,3‰ as long as he makes no driving mistakes or is involved (doesn’t matter who’s responsible) in car accidents. From 0,5‰ you commit an administrative offence and have to expect a penalty and a ban of driving.

Cannabis is an illegal drogue in Germany. The holding, trade and transfer is forbidden and can be punished with penalties or even prison. The same rules have to be respected for all other illegal drogues like magic mushrooms, cocain and extacy.