Hi Guys,

we offer you the opportuinity to join us for some crazy activity this semester: Join us to Poland (near tot he german border) and play Paintball in little groups and use the wonderful  very natural outdoor plant for a little  side seeing and relaxtion afterwards.  There is also the chance for little snacks and something to drink. Nevertheless  dont forget to bring your own soft-drinks and little snacks, especially  as we have quite a long way to get  to the paintball plant. There are also small shops in Poland where you can buy drinks and stuff (when we arrive and before we ll get home u can go buy stuff there as well).

In the evening we like to show you a nice restaurant in Poland where you can get a very delicious Meal for small amount of money and refill the batteries. Afterwards we ll drive back to Potsdam together This sounds nice to you then vist us in our offices and get your ticket fort he trip asap !

We are looking forward to see you around!

Sunday, 26.11

Meeting Point 10a.m  Potsdam main station

15€/12€/11€ (Externals/Erasmus/with ESN Card)

26/11/2017 - 10:00
12€ / 15€
  • Everyone is invited.