Things you need to get done beforehand



If you are studying at Uni Potsdam you can rent a room in one of the student dormitories of the Studentenwerk Potsdam. You often have to choose if you want to a have room at the student dormitories in Potsdam when you write your application. The student dormitories are quite central and cheap. Many international students live in Griebnitzsee, Babelsberg oder Neues Palais. The rooms have furniture, internet and are not far away from the campus. For further information and the online application, please visit You should bring the following things with you (among the daily stuff) when you have a room in the student dormitories:

  • pillow, blanket and sheets
  • knife, fork and spoon, a pot
  • hand towels
  • pictures and photos to make your room comfortable and individual
  • a mobile phone without simlock (so that you can use a German simcard, which we provide for free)

Everything else that is still missing can be bought at our IKEA tour (check out our programm to learn more about the tour).

If you live in one of the student dormitories and have some problems, contact the Wohnheimtutoren - they are your contact persons. They answer your questions and help with problems:

In Potsdam there are several flat-sharing communities (WGs). If you want to find your own place or room outside the dormitories, check or These rooms often do not have any furniture!

ATTENTION: If you have a WG-Zimmer please do not pay the deposit before getting the key! It can be fraud! Please ask us if you find anything strange! We are very happy to help you!

Health Insurance

An international health insurance offers you additional cover and benefits for your stays abroad. Most of the European health insurances have an European-Sign on their insurance card and already offer a certain basic cover. Which benefits exactly that include has to be proven by your insurance. An additional international health insurance offers you e. g. the transport back to your home country in case of a termination of your studies due to illness or 100% of the costs for a hospital stay. Some health insurances cooperate with private insurance contractors and offer their members special prices. The costs for international health insurances are quite various, but in any case you have to contract the insurance in time before your departure! Here we introduce some enterprises which offer international (health) insurances for your study stay:

  • AON: complete insurance for medical expenses, accidents, liability, legal assistance, household insurance, luggage and emergency from 43,00€/ month

  • Hanse-Merkur: for a stay less than 12 months in Europe you pay 31,00€/ month (basic tariff), additionally 4,00€ per month for an accident and liability insurance

  • AXA and European Insurance: international health insurance (accident, luggage and liability insurance for German, Austrian and Switzerland students included) from 38,00€/ month

  • ERV: international health insurance with contribution for a stay in Europe less than 12 months from 16,00€/ month, out of Europe 31,00€/ month