Enjoy total freedom during your year abroad

Your year abroad is the perfect opportunity to travel around a new country and discover all it has to offer. HolidayCars.com wants to give ESN Potsdam students this chance by offering a student discount on their next rental car. We already offer the cheapest car rental deals but as a student, every euro you can save is a bonus!

Potsdam: nature and rich history

When you start a course in a different country, one of the first things you do, after you’re settled in, is getting to know your new surroundings. In Potsdam there is a lot to discover and what's better than to do that with a rental car.

A nature lover? Than you’re in the right city to study abroad because Potsdam is one quarter urban area and three quarters is full of greenery. You can visit the many parks in the city surrounding UNESCO World Heritage sights like the Orangerie Schloss or Schloss Babelsberg.

Want to visit one of the many big cities in Germany? Berlin is only 25 minutes away from Potsdam by rental car. Gather your fellow students and go on a day trip or plan a fun weekend away to Berlin that’s mostly known for its nightlife, culture, historical sights and architecture. Make your year abroad one to never forget about.

HolidayCars.com 15% student discount

Studying abroad is already expensive enough. Why pay even more for a rental car? For all students of ESN Potsdam we have a 15% student discount that you can collect when you click on this link. As a car rental company we know that discovering a new place is best done by rental car.

On HolidayCars.com we created an easy booking process: search for your pickup location, choose your rental car and pay. Make sure to check the terms and conditions for age restrictions when you rent a car from one of our many car rental suppliers. Some suppliers will charge you an extra fee when you’re under a certain age.

Webpage: http://www.holidaycars.com/mietwagen/?popup=esn-potsdam