ESN Potsdam Team

We are the ERASMUS Student Network at Potsdam, in short ESN Potsdam. It is our task to support the international student's integration at the university of Potsdam. Our main interest lies on the cultural interaction by organizing events for international and German students. So we care for over 400 students each semester at all colleges in Potsdam. We offer them an interesting programm with many different events, amongst others guided tours through Berlin and Potsdam, trips to Brandenburg or other parts of Germany, visits of theaters, operas, concerts and sports events as well as partys. We want to help international students to get along and settle in in Potsdam. We also want to help them to make new friends here. Of course, German students can participate in our events, too. So our programm serves as an intercultural plattform for the preparation and postprocessing of a stay abroad.


As the first German section ESN Potsdam was introduced at "Section in the sportlight".

And you find an interview in the Speak UP - the students' magazine at the University of Potsdam.


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